每年有800亿磅的食物被浪费,而 over 37 millions of Americans are working to overcome hunger. To address this reality that harms our communities and environment, 英国正版365网站 recovers excess produce from wholesalers before it gets thrown away, supplying 80% of it to partner food assistance organizations and using 20% to fuel our social enterprise, 英国正版365网站. 了解更多 在这里.

食物转移厨房提供 on-the-job culinary training and paid apprenticeships for our SF Bay Area neighbors overcoming employment barriers. 在烹饪总监的指导下, apprentices gain valuable workplace skills to support future employment. 了解更多 在这里.

We cater weekly lunches throughout the Bay Area for office teams of 20 or more, as well as catering services for larger events such as meetings, 会议, 以及可容纳250人的特殊活动. Interested in delicious, plant-based food prepared by 英国正版365网站 apprentices for your next meeting? 为你的事件获得一个报价 在这里. 了解更多有关我们的餐饮服务 在这里.

With our extensive experience and understanding of the complex ecosystem around food production, 浪费, 和访问, we educate and support organizations to improve their sustainable practices.
根据加州的SB1383, we assist our clients with implementing programs and training for compliance. 联系 info@foodshift.净 安排一个30分钟的免费咨询, and learn more 在这里.

We support bills and initiatives across the food sector that offer long term solutions to food apartheid and food 浪费.
We also work with our community to raise awareness of food 浪费 and food injustice. 访问我们的 减少浪费”页面 为帮助提示 on cutting down food 浪费 at home, at the market, and at school. 

If you’re interested in volunteering, interning, or working with us, refer to our 空缺职位 页面查看当前的机会,并发送电子邮件 info@foodshift.净 有任何问题. 支持我们工作的最简单的方法是 每月定期捐款 帮助维持我们全年的运作.

2020年4月, 英国正版365网站发起了联合行动, a relief program designed to combat rising food 浪费 and food insecurity due to the pandemic. 通过一起操作, 英国正版365网站 recovers and distributes excess food to fuel frontline food assistance organizations in the Bay Area. Despite the suspension of revenue generating programs like our catering service, we expanded our food recovery to the Oakland Produce Market 在项目的前三个月 分发了30多吨食物、每周 在湾区有超过1万人 致力于粮食安全. 我们还筹集了100多美元,价值1万美元的实物捐赠, 超过我们的50美元,在我们7月1日的最后期限之前,我们就已经完成了000美元的筹资目标.

This pandemic has exacerbated financial insecurity within our community, which translates into greater food insecurity and increased demand for food assistance/distribution resources. We invite you to join us in assisting those already working hard to overcome food insecurity. 无论是通过资金, 供应, 或服务, all donations help sustain our food redistribution service. If you’d like to contribute to #OperationTogether, we invite you to make a donation 在这里 或联系 info@foodshift.净 to offer volunteer services or learn about other opportunities. 

California State Legislation Senate Bill 1383 is a groundbreaking regulation in California aimed at reducing methane emissions from organic 浪费 in California’s landfills. Food 浪费 alone accounts for approximately 17-18% of landfills. The fact that this bill calls for reducing food 浪费 (with a specific component encouraging edible food rescue) makes it stand out from previous organics-focused 立法. Short-lived Climate Pollutants: Organic Waste Methane Emissions Reduction 立法, 以及其粮食回收部分, was adopted in September 2016 and municipalities and businesses will need to implement and comply with the new regulations starting January 2022. 了解更多 在这里.

We offer consulting services to help business, organizational, and government entities not only comply with this 立法 but go above and beyond to effectively support food recovery programs and job creation in the food recovery sector. 联系 info@foodshift.净 安排一个30分钟的免费咨询. 了解更多 在这里.

不要被愚弄! Labels on food like “Sell by” and “Best if Used By/Before” simply reflect the manufacturer’s recommendations for peak quality and 通常不表明有食品安全风险. 这些标签-除了婴儿配方奶粉-不是联邦政府监管的吗, and because t在这里 are no uniform or universally accepted standards for these dates in the U.S. they often cause more confusion for consumers and premature disposal of perfectly good food. 在这里 is the USDA’s guide for distinguishing between the different labels.

食品转变 成立于2012年 作者Dana Frasz 一个项目 地球岛研究所. In 2016, we launched our joint food recovery and social enterprise model, creating our kitchen curriculum and graduating our first 7 apprentices in 2017. 从那时起, 我们欢迎了新任执行主任, Yuka长岛, 并启动了我们的COVID-19救援计划, 一起操作.

We are so grateful to receive both mo净ary and in-kind donations from our wonderful community partners, 我们的上市 合作伙伴关系”页面. 在COVID-19大流行之前, we earned additional revenue through our social enterprise catering program.

总部在 阿拉米达点协作, 我们的邻居和学徒大多是黑人, 我们在媒体上看到的不仅仅是新闻, 统计, 或者是理论上的. 这是私人的. The structural racism that underpins the state-sanctioned violence against our Black neighbors is also built into our food ecosystem, 因此 食物公平需要种族公平. Solutions must be by the people, for the people, and with the people.

英国正版365网站 stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and actively works to partner with BIPOC community members to fight racial inequities within the food system through strategic community partnerships, 政策变化, 宣传和教育, 以及公平的内部招聘做法. 

We have integrated mandatory race and cultural awareness training into our staff professional development and volunteering on-boarding. We will continue to prioritize attracting BIPOC candidates through inclusive hiring practices, 没有不必要要求的工作描述, 并仔细跟踪招聘指标.

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